Stairs and Ladders

Custom Iron & Steel Stairs

At Mill City Iron Fabricators, we welcome the challenge of the most complex stairway assignments and can produce custom stairs for most applications including straight, curved, circular and spiral designs . . . with finishes ranging from plain industrial to highly decorative. Click on the images below to view examples of our work.

Complementing the stair projects, we often supply handrails of all types from simple tubular wall railings to wood capped picket type stair and balcony railings. See our railing page for more examples of our railings. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with Contractors, Architects, and Engineers to create projects that are most decorative and unique.

Iron & Steel Ladders

Mill City Iron Fabricators custom manufactures all types of industrial ladders, caged and uncaged, for safe access to docks, mezzanines, upper roof levels, and many other applications. Our products provide safe and reliable functionality with long term durability to give you peace of mind.

stairs 002
stairs 015
stairs 018
stairs 022
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stairs 019
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stairs 014
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stairs 012
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Commercial deck, stair and pipe railing

Railing 060


Railing to Match Spiral Stair